Saturday, January 17, 2009

Devetashka cave


Devetashka Cave is one of the biggest caves in Europe. According to archaeological research, it sheltered people since the late Paleolithic era. Devetashka cave is a monument of culture and a place of national and international significance and protection. This natural phenomenon is about 1500 meters long and has a huge entrance - 35 meter high and 55 meter wide. The cave has 11 underground lakes and rather beautiful cave formations.

Devetashka Cave by Plamen Stoev
The cave was discovered in 1921 in her discoveries are made some of the most interesting remains from the Neolithic in Bulgaria.

Devetashka Cave by Plamen Stoev
In the past, the cave was classified military sites. In 1950 was used for storing oil tanks and a large stand today near the entrance of the cave. According to certain information because of its size it is used for storage and food from the state reserve and the deployment of missile base. At the moment it is absolutely impossible, the bridge leading to the cave is damaged, destroyed and railway line to her. Removal of the track started back in 2001. Access to the cave is a comfortable path, which began shortly after the exit of the way Lovech - Levski for Devetaki village. After the bridge is formed in the grass parking lot, the path is east.

The cave was declared in 1996 for the subject - a natural landmark.

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